WELCOME TO Clarke-Tech
Clarke-Tech company, established in 2004 in Germany, focusing on developing digital related products by making the most  of all its resources.
We seek to become a unique brand, among the European Sat receivers scene.
A tribute to a great Dreamer

It was during the late 40's when writer C.Clarke (Author of 2001 Space Odissey) had imagined that, if a television transmitter could be placed at a certain distance from the earth, it was possible to cover with its signal an entire continent.

To achieve this intent, those transmitter would have been placed on satellites orbiting at 36000Km from earth at equatorial line level. An ingenious system seen the fact that in this way the satellites would have followed exactly the earth rotation.

The satellite, viewed from the earth would have appeared as a fixed point in the sky. With three of these satellites, Clarke thought it was possible to let the television signal cover the whole globe.

The vast majority of the scientist back then was laughing at this proposal, defining it science fiction.

Many years needed to pass before the first radio/television comunication satellite was launched during the cold war at the end of the 50's. The president of the United States of America Eisenhower was able to irradiate his Christmas whish speech to the whole world through the satellite Score.

The belt at 36000Km positioned right above the Equatorial line, where the satellites are orbiting has been nicknamed Clarke's belt, in honor of the guy that first thought of making use of it.

It was the beginning of a new era....